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What does the research tell us about the efficacy of OER: A Webcast Roundup

On May 5th, we hosted Dr. John Hilton III for a webcast to summarize the increasing body of research on the efficacy of OER. The most interesting takeaway messages included:

  1. If use of Open Educational Resources (OER) is to become mainstream we need raise awareness of OER. The Babson report (2014) noted that many educators have still not heard about OER.

Open Research and Your Career: an OpenCon Webcast Series

The inaugural OpenCon webcast How to Get Tenure* (*while practicing open science)” from Titus Brown provided a fresh perspective on how open research practices can benefit your career and started a lively discussion. To continue the conversation on this important topic, we’re happy to announce our first OpenCon webcasts series, “Open Research and Your Career”.